Warum aus Deutschland nach Dubai auswandern ein positiver Lebenswandel ist

Why emigrating from Germany to Dubai is a positive lifestyle choice

Deciding to emigrate from Germany to Dubai can be a significant life change that brings with it many positive aspects. Dubai not only offers a state-of-the-art environment but also numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. In this article, we will explore the many benefits that moving to Dubai can bring.

Key findings

  • Dubai offers a high quality of life and excellent opportunities for families, including a variety of child-friendly activities.
  • The economic opportunities in Dubai, especially through company formation in the free zones and flexible business models such as dropshipping, are considerable.
  • Dubai promotes a flexible working style and supports digital nomads through its infrastructure and lifestyle options.
  • Dubai's cultural diversity and social integration are remarkable, making the city a welcoming place for expats.
  • Dubai's safety standards and modern infrastructure ensure a safe and comfortable environment for its residents.

Quality of life and family life in Dubai

Quality of life and family life in Dubai

Benefits for families

Dubai offers numerous advantages for families emigrating from different parts of the world. The high quality of life , combined with excellent schools and a safe environment, makes it an ideal place for families. Of particular note is the school for children in Dubai , which offers internationally recognized educational standards.

Child-friendly activities

Dubai is known for its wide range of activities specifically geared towards children. From theme parks to educational centers, everything is here to encourage children's curiosity and growth. Families can enjoy a variety of leisure activities together, strengthening cohesion and social bonds.

Comparison with Germany

Compared to Germany, Dubai offers a unique environment with advantages such as Dubai being a tax haven and the possibility of setting up a company in Dubai. These economic incentives, combined with a high level of security and modern infrastructure, make Dubai an attractive choice for emigrating with the family.

Economic opportunities through company formation

Economic opportunities through company formation

Freezone Benefits

In Dubai, the so-called free zones offer numerous advantages for company founders. These special economic zones have tax advantages and allow 100% foreign ownership without the need for a local sponsor. This makes setting up a company in Dubai much easier and offers an attractive platform for international business people.

Starting a business in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is made much easier by the modern infrastructure and supportive government policies. Dubai's strategic location as a trade bridge between East and West also offers excellent opportunities for expansion. Companies benefit from a network of international banks and cutting-edge technologies.

Dropshipping as a business model

Dropshipping is a popular business model for many entrepreneurs in Dubai. It requires little start-up capital and minimizes risk. Here are some steps to get started:

  1. Identifying a profitable niche
  2. Selection of products
  3. Search for reliable suppliers
  4. Setting up an online shop
  5. Implementation of effective marketing strategies
Tip: Thorough market research is crucial to understanding the needs of your target group and successfully positioning yourself in the market.

Work flexibility and lifestyle

Work flexibility and lifestyle

Location-independent work

In Dubai, advanced technology and high internet availability enable efficient remote working . Many professionals enjoy the freedom to work from different locations, which leads to a better work-life balance.

Living and working in the UAE

Life in the UAE offers a unique blend of modern conveniences and rich culture. The flexible work culture encourages innovative ways of working and supports dynamic career development.

Advantages of digital nomadism

The UAE has introduced special visas for digital nomads, allowing people to live and work legally in the country while exploring the world. This not only promotes personal development but also global networking.

Cultural and social aspects

Cultural and social aspects

Integration into the local culture

Dubai offers a unique blend of modern dynamism and traditional Arabic culture. Actively participating in local festivals and events is a great way to integrate into the culture and experience Emirati hospitality.

Social life and networks

Social life in Dubai is diverse and international. Expats quickly find connections in various social groups and networks, which makes the transition to the new environment easier. Here are some popular networks:

  • International Meetup Groups
  • Sports clubs
  • Cultural associations

Respect for diversity and uniqueness

Dubai values ​​and promotes cultural diversity. The city is known for its respect for different lifestyles and beliefs, making it an attractive place for people from all over the world. > Recognition of diversity is a central aspect of social life in Dubai.

Security and infrastructure

Security and infrastructure

High safety standards

Dubai is characterized by high security standards , providing a safe environment for both locals and expats. The crime rate is very low and the police are known for their efficiency and modern equipment.

Modern infrastructure

The infrastructure in Dubai is highly modern and constantly evolving. From first-class roads to efficient public transport, Dubai offers an infrastructure that can keep up with global metropolises. The condition of the roads is particularly noteworthy, and is rated as very good .

health care

Dubai has an excellent healthcare system with modern medical facilities and highly qualified professionals. The medical care is of international standard and there are numerous specialists in various health areas.

Climate and environment

Climate and environment

Adaptation to the climate

Dubai has a tropical desert climate that offers warm weather all year round. This allows for continuous participation in outdoor activities and encourages an active lifestyle. Adapting to the warm climate can be challenging for newcomers, but the body quickly adapts to the higher temperatures.

Benefits of warm weather

Dubai's warm weather offers numerous benefits, including improved mood and increased vitamin D synthesis, which is essential for bone health. Another benefit is low humidity, which improves overall well-being and increases quality of life.

Outdoor activities

Dubai offers a variety of outdoor activities ranging from water sports to desert safaris. The ability to be active outdoors all year round contributes greatly to the high quality of life. Here are some popular activities:

  • Waterskiing and wakeboarding
  • Sandboarding in the dunes
  • Golf on world-class golf courses
The constant availability of sunshine and warm weather makes Dubai an ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle.

Personal development and growth

Personal development and growth


Dubai offers a unique opportunity to explore new paths in life and develop personally. The dynamic and multicultural environment promotes self-realization and offers numerous opportunities to develop one's own potential.

Learn new skills

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures and technologies, making it an ideal place to:

  • Learning new languages
  • Improve technical skills
  • Develop intercultural competences

These skills are essential in today's globalized world and can be of great benefit both professionally and personally.

Promote personal growth

Dubai's ever-growing economy and commitment to education and innovation provide ideal conditions to foster personal growth. The city encourages individuals to grow beyond their limits and achieve their dreams.


The decision to emigrate from Germany to Dubai can be an enriching life change. Dubai not only offers a dynamic business environment and a high quality of life, but also a variety of opportunities for families and children. The free zone and ease of company formation make it easy for entrepreneurs to set up and prosper. In addition, the city offers a safe environment and a variety of cultural and recreational activities, making it an ideal place for a fresh start. Those looking for a positive lifestyle change will find Dubai a fascinating and worthwhile option.

frequently asked Questions

Why should you emigrate from Germany to Dubai?

Dubai offers a high quality of life, advanced infrastructure and numerous economic opportunities, making it an attractive destination for expats.

How is family life in Dubai compared to Germany?

Dubai has a variety of child-friendly activities and facilities, making it an ideal place for family life.

What are the advantages of setting up a company in Dubai?

Dubai offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs, including tax incentives and a strategic location that facilitates access to global markets.

Can you live as a digital nomad in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai supports the concept of digital nomadism through flexible work opportunities and excellent digital infrastructure.

How do you integrate into the local culture in Dubai?

Integration into the local culture in Dubai can be encouraged by learning the language, participating in local events and making social contacts.

What safety standards are there in Dubai?

Dubai is known for its high security standards and efficient police work, making it one of the safest places in the world.

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