How much does it cost to start a company?

This varies depending on the situation. What type of business are you running - in the free zone or on the mainland? How many visas do you need and how many shareholders are involved? As an official partner and experienced consultant in setting up a company in Dubai, we have developed a special cost calculator to give you an answer.

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Company foundation

With TheDubaiScout as your company formation partner, registering a company in the UAE is not only easy but also the most cost-effective method! All you need to do is provide us with the relevant information about your company and we will do the rest.

  • Documents

    If you are a foreign entrepreneur starting a business in a new country for the first time, the documentation process can be daunting. We will help you make the right decisions for your business in Dubai and take care of the complex bureaucratic tasks.

  • License

    Choosing the right license and applying for it are crucial to making your business setup in Dubai a success. Having a deep understanding of the dos and don'ts of setting up your business license will help you avoid the common mistakes people fall into. For example, some business categories require prior approvals from certain authorities. A business setup expert will guide you through the steps required to start your business.

  • Visa

    Our comprehensive support extends not only to you, but also to your family, and you can do all of this from the comfort of Germany. We take care of the entire process for you, including obtaining visas, so that you are equipped with the visa directly upon entry and do not arrive as a tourist.


Why choose Dubai for starting a business?

  1. The UAE government actively promotes business as part of its long-term economic stability plan.
  2. Dubai offers a tax-friendly environment with competitive labor and financing costs.
  3. There are no exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas.
  4. Dubai is strategically located to do business with 1.5 billion consumers in Africa, West Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
  5. Our first-class transport links make it easier to attract business.
  6. Starting a business is straightforward and affordable.
  7. Dubai has a large pool of highly skilled talent and world-class infrastructure, ideal for start-ups.
  8. The high standard of living and unparalleled security measures make Dubai an attractive destination for global talent.
  9. Market research in Dubai is made easy by clear procedures and a robust legal framework.

Steps to start a business in Dubai?

  1. Business idea: Define your business idea and target group.
  2. Business plan: Create a comprehensive plan with goals, market analysis and financial projections.
  3. Legal structure: Choose between Free Zone, Mainland or offshore corporate structures.
  4. Trade name: Choose a name that complies with the regulations of the Department of Economic Affairs (DED).
  5. Business License: Apply for a commercial, professional or industrial license depending on your activity.
  6. Documentation: Submit required documents such as passport, visa and non-objection certificate (for expats) to the relevant authorities.
  7. Office space: Secure a physical address, which is necessary for registration.
  8. Corporate bank account: After obtaining your license, choose a bank that suits your business needs and open an account.
  9. Visas: When you hire employees, process their visas. The number is often determined by office size and license type.
  10. Setting up your business: After completing the administrative tasks, set up your business and start your business trip.

Note: Requirements may vary depending on your specific business formation. Be sure to thoroughly research the next steps for your chosen structure.

How do I find the best location for my company?

  • Type of business: Depending on the type of business, certain locations are more suitable. For example, technology companies often prefer free zones such as Dubai Internet City.
  • Target market: Choose a location that is easily accessible to your key customers.
  • Infrastructure needs: If international shipping is important, proximity to ports such as Jebel Ali Port is advantageous.
  • Budget: Rental and operating costs vary by area and influence your choice.
  • Legal requirements: Certain business activities are zone restricted, which affects the right business location.

It is recommended to seek the services of business start-up consultants to help you make these complex decisions.

Difference between mainland and free zone?

When comparing Mainland and Free Zone company formation in Dubai, there are several key factors to consider:

  1. Business activities : Mainland companies offer a wider range of business activities, while Free Zones often specialize in specific sectors or industries.
  2. Trading : For direct trading with the UAE market, a mainland license might be more advantageous.
  3. Ownership : If 100% foreign ownership is required, a Free Zone establishment is ideal.
  4. Expansion plans : For scaling plans within the UAE, incorporating in the mainland may offer more flexibility.
  5. Costs : The costs for setting up and running a company vary between the mainland and free zones.

Deciding between a mainland or free zone company in Dubai requires careful consideration of your business goals and needs.

Does a license need to be renewed?

Yes, renewing a business license in Dubai involves a few important steps. First, the lease must be valid for at least three more months from the application date. Then, a renewal form must be filled out and the necessary documents, such as notarized authorization and approval letters, photos of all business partners, and the payment number for the renewal fees, must be collected. After submitting these documents to the DED and the application is approved, the renewal fees can be paid, after which the license will be renewed. Of course, the processes are different for a free zone and a mainland.

Which free zone is right for me?

Each free zone in the UAE is tailored to specific industries. For example, the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) is ideal for logistics or manufacturing companies due to its proximity to Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport. The Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) free zone is perfect for doing business in the heart of Dubai's business district. The Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) serves a wide range of sectors and offers cost-effective solutions. DUQE, on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, offers a unique business environment. Creative City is designed for media, communications and creative businesses. Each free zone has its own rules, benefits and processes. We would be happy to advise you and find the right free zone for your company.

What's the deal with the 9% tax?

In Dubai, corporate tax is 9% on profits, which start at around 100,000 euros, and is only due when sales exceed around 3 million AED. Both conditions must be met. Corporate tax is different from income tax. If a company expects a profit of 250,000 euros and the managing director's salary is 200,000 euros, the profit is 50,000 euros, i.e. below the limit of around 100,000 euros, and no corporate tax is due. Salaries, even those over 200,000 euros, remain tax-free in Dubai.

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