Von Dubai bezahlt werden & in Deutschland leben: Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung

Get paid from Dubai & live in Germany: step-by-step guide

Dubai offers attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people, especially through tax advantages and a dynamic economy. In this article, I, Maik Besso, explain how you can set up a company in Dubai and get paid, even if you remain resident in Germany. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Establish a company

You can set up a freezone company in Dubai while remaining a resident of Germany. This is a legal and efficient process that you can start online. With the support of TheDubaiScout, setting up your company will be smooth and straightforward.

Step 2: Apply for the right license

To do business in Dubai, you need the right license. There are different types of licenses depending on your business activity. A freezone license is ideal as it allows for international business and tax benefits.

Step 3: To Dubai for medical test and fingerprint

After setting up your company, you will need to travel to Dubai to undergo a medical test and fingerprinting. This is part of the process to obtain your Emirates ID and visa.

Step 4: Take a course on how to properly advise founders

To be successful, you should take a course that teaches you how to work as a business consultant. This will help you effectively support other entrepreneurs and optimize your services.

Step 5: Take a course on how to do marketing to find customers

Another important step is learning effective marketing strategies. A course in this area will help you promote your services and attract new customers.

Step 6: Enter Dubai once every 6 months

To maintain your company in Dubai, you must enter Dubai at least once every six months. This ensures that your company remains active and all legal requirements are met.

For remuneration

The more companies you start and manage, the higher your compensation will be. Here are some example figures:

  • 10 companies: approx. 15,000 euros per year
  • 100 companies: approx. 200,000 euros per year
  • 500 companies: approx. 1 million euros per year

This income can be generated every year as long as the companies exist in the UAE.

What capital you need

  • Costs for company formation, tests, licenses, visas and Emirates ID: approx. 4,200€ Click here for the exact calculation
  • Flight and travel: variable approx. 1000€
  • Stay in Dubai for 14 days the first time: variable approx. 200€ per day.

Tax requirements

  • Notification to the tax office: Inform the German tax office that you have founded a company in Dubai.
  • Tax advisor: Use a tax advisor who will correctly tax your profits from Dubai in Germany.


Setting up a company in Dubai offers numerous advantages, especially tax relief and the opportunity to build an international business. With the right steps and the support of TheDubaiScout, you can successfully operate from Dubai while remaining a resident of Germany. Start now and take advantage of the opportunities Dubai has to offer entrepreneurs.

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