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Dream life in Dubai: How moving from Germany can enrich your family life

Moving to Dubai offers numerous benefits for German families, from a higher standard of living to excellent educational opportunities for children. In this article, we look at how living in Dubai can enrich family life and why it is an option worth considering for expats from Germany.

Key findings

  • Dubai offers cultural diversity and openness, which allows families from Germany a unique intercultural experience.
  • The education system in Dubai is world-class, with numerous international schools offering excellent education.
  • Economic opportunities, especially in the Freezone, provide ideal conditions for entrepreneurship and professional development.
  • The high quality of life, assured security and low crime rate make Dubai an attractive place to live for families.
  • Practical tips and reports from other German families offer valuable insights and assistance for moving and settling in Dubai.

The advantages of living in Dubai for German expats

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Cultural diversity and openness

Dubai is known for its cultural diversity and openness, which makes it an attractive place for people from all over the world. The city promotes active cultural exchange programs and offers numerous multicultural events that contribute to integration.

High quality living standards

The standard of living in Dubai is among the highest in the world. From modern residential complexes to first-class schools and shopping centers, Dubai offers an infrastructure that leaves little to be desired.

Safety and low crime rate

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world with a low crime rate . This is especially important for families looking for a safe environment for their children. The police in Dubai are highly modern and efficient, which contributes to an overall feeling of security.

Dubai offers a unique combination of security, cultural diversity and high standards of living, making it an ideal place for German expats.

Family life in Dubai: A paradise for children and parents

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Educational opportunities for children

Dubai offers a wide range of international schools that guarantee quality education. Schools for children in Dubai are known for their excellent academic performance and diverse curricula tailored to the needs of international families.

Leisure activities and entertainment

The city is a playground for children of all ages, with numerous parks, museums and creative workshops. Families can choose from a variety of activities that are both entertaining and educational.

World-class healthcare

Dubai has modern medical facilities and highly qualified doctors who provide world-class healthcare. The medical infrastructure is state-of-the-art, making Dubai a safe place for families to seek medical care.

Dubai not only offers tax haven advantages, but also an unparalleled quality of life and security for families.

Economic Opportunities in Dubai: Careers and Entrepreneurship

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Job opportunities for expats

Dubai offers a variety of job opportunities for expats working in various sectors such as finance, technology and hospitality. The city attracts professionals from all over the world, resulting in a dynamic and international work environment.

Establishing companies in the Freezone

The opportunity to set up a company in Dubai, especially in one of the numerous free zones, is particularly attractive. These zones offer significant tax advantages and incentives that make setting up a company in Dubai very attractive.

In Dubai’s free zones, entrepreneurs can run their businesses without local involvement and benefit from full capital and profit repatriation.

Tax benefits and incentives

Dubai not only offers a tax-free environment for personal income but also significant incentives for businesses. These incentives encourage the growth and expansion of businesses, making Dubai an ideal location for entrepreneurs and investors.

Integration and community: Settling in Dubai with your family

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Language and cultural integration

Adapting to the local language and culture is a crucial step in settling in Dubai quickly. Arabic language courses are widely available and often supported by employers. In addition, understanding cultural norms and values ​​promotes harmonious integration into the community.

Building social networks

Building a strong social network can make the transition easier for the whole family. Events, clubs and groups specifically for expats provide valuable contacts and friendships that support settling into life in Dubai.

Support from expat communities

Expat communities play an important role in supporting new arrivals, offering guidance, practical tips and emotional support to facilitate the move and adjustment to the new environment.

Tip: Take advantage of the diverse offerings of the expat communities to integrate quickly and effectively in Dubai.

Improving quality of life: Why Dubai can be a better choice than Germany

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Comparison of living costs

The cost of living in Dubai can vary, but many aspects such as rental prices and consumer goods offer clear advantages over Germany. Here is a brief overview:

Article Costs in Dubai Costs in Germany
Rent (1-room apartment) 800 € 700 €
Coffee 4 € 3€
Public transport 50 € 70 €

Climate and environment

Dubai offers a warm climate all year round, which is particularly attractive to people who do not prefer colder European winters. Air quality and environmental standards are high, contributing to a better quality of life.

Leisure and recreation opportunities

Dubai is known for its excellent leisure and recreational opportunities. From world-class shopping malls to luxurious beaches, the city offers a variety of activities that can enrich family life. Here are some highlights:

  • Shopping centers like the Dubai Mall
  • Water parks like Aquaventure
  • Cultural events and festivals
Dubai offers a unique combination of modern infrastructure and rich culture, making it an ideal place for families looking to improve their quality of life.

Practical tips for moving to Dubai

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Visa and immigration procedures

Applying for the right visa is a crucial step when moving to Dubai. Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready and take care of visa matters early. A detailed checklist can help you not to miss anything.

Apartment search and moving service

Finding a suitable apartment can be challenging. Use professional moving services that can help not only with transport but also with finding an apartment. It is helpful to find out about the different parts of the city in advance and possibly book an orientation tour for expats .

Adaptation to the local climate and culture

Dubai's climate can be challenging, especially for newcomers from cooler regions. Get used to the higher temperatures and more intense sunlight gradually. Equally important is cultural adaptation, which is made easier by open communication and learning local customs.

Testimonials: German families talk about their new life in Dubai

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Personal success stories

Many German families who have emigrated to Dubai report significant improvements in their quality of life. Adapting to the new culture was challenging but ultimately enriching.

Challenges and how they were overcome

The initial challenges ranged from language barriers to climatic adjustments. Families successfully overcame these through intensive language courses and social integration.

First-hand tips and advice

  1. Make sure you are thoroughly informed about the visa and immigration process.
  2. Use professional moving services to ease the transition.
  3. Get involved in expat communities to find valuable support and friendships.
Moving to Dubai can be a transformative experience for the whole family, opening up new perspectives and unexpected opportunities.


In conclusion, moving to Dubai from Germany can be an enriching experience for family life. The diverse activities for children, excellent educational opportunities and high quality of life provide a unique environment for the growth and development of your family. Dubai not only offers a sunny climate and a safe environment, but also a dynamic and multicultural atmosphere that makes living there an exciting adventure. So if you are looking for a positive change for your family, Dubai could be the perfect place to put down new roots.

frequently asked Questions

What advantages does Dubai offer for families from Germany?

Dubai offers a high quality of life, security, first-class educational institutions and a wide range of leisure activities. The city is known for its cultural diversity and openness, making it an ideal place for German families looking to move abroad.

How safe is Dubai for my family?

Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world with a very low crime rate. This provides a reassuring environment for families living here.

What are the educational opportunities for children in Dubai?

Dubai offers numerous high-quality international schools offering a wide range of curricula, including many that integrate the German curriculum.

What economic opportunities are there for expats in Dubai?

Dubai offers numerous career opportunities in various sectors as well as attractive conditions for entrepreneurs, including tax benefits and the opportunity to set up companies in the free zone.

How can I easily integrate into Dubai as a German?

Dubai has a large German community and offers many resources for cultural integration. There are German schools, churches and social groups that facilitate the integration process.

What should I consider before moving to Dubai?

It is important to learn about visa and immigration procedures, find suitable accommodation, and prepare for the local climate and cultural differences.

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