Top Vorteile des Lebens in Dubai für Familien: Warum es die perfekte Wahl für Auswanderer aus Deutschland ist

Top Benefits of Living in Dubai for Families: Why it’s the Perfect Choice for Expats from Germany

Dubai is an extremely attractive choice for many families from Germany who want to start a new life. The city not only offers a high quality of life and security, but also economic advantages that are not available in Germany. In addition, there is a diverse culture, leisure opportunities and a modern infrastructure that make life in Dubai particularly attractive for expatriate families. This article highlights the top advantages of living in Dubai for families from Germany.

Key findings

  • Dubai offers an exceptionally high quality of life and security, including high standards of healthcare and a safe environment for families.
  • The economic benefits for emigrants, such as tax advantages and opportunities to set up a company in the free zone, are considerable.
  • Dubai is rich in leisure and cultural activities, including international culture and gastronomy as well as beaches and nature experiences in the immediate vicinity.
  • The international community in Dubai facilitates integration and offers networks for German emigrants.
  • Dubai's modern infrastructure, including sophisticated transportation systems and extensive shopping and entertainment options, supports a comfortable lifestyle.

Quality of life and safety

Quality of life and safety

High standards in healthcare

Dubai offers outstanding healthcare that meets international standards. International health insurance plans ensure that families in Dubai do not have to compromise on the quality and scope of medical care. These plans are specifically designed to provide the necessary medical assistance in the event of an emergency.

Freedom of choice in choosing a doctor and comprehensive assistance services, such as emergency support, are crucial for high-quality care.

The benefits of international health insurance in Dubai include:

  • Comprehensive international coverage for outpatient, dental and inpatient treatment
  • No upper limits on benefits, which can be an advantage if treatment costs are high in the long term
  • Easy insurance purchase from Germany with immediate protection abroad
  • Special overseas benefits tailored to the needs of expatriates, students and world travelers

Safe environment for families

Living in Dubai offers an exceptionally safe environment for families. The low crime rate and strict laws provide a reassuring sense of security. Moving to Dubai with your family means having to worry less about day-to-day safety.

Dubai is characterized by a high police presence and modern surveillance technologies that contribute to security.

The city also offers numerous safe and child-friendly residential areas that are ideal for family life. From gated communities to quiet suburbs, there is a suitable place for every family.

International schools for excellent education

Choosing the right school for kids in Dubai is crucial for your child's education and development. Dubai offers a variety of international schools that cater to different educational systems and philosophies. These schools not only promote academic excellence but also place great emphasis on students' personal development and intercultural competence.

Dubai is known for its high educational standards and the variety of curricula on offer. From British to American to IB programs, families are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect educational environment for their children.

Choosing an international school in Dubai means having access to a world-class education that prepares your child for global challenges.

Economical advantages

Economical advantages

Tax advantages for emigrants

One of the biggest incentives for emigrating to Dubai is the tax environment. Dubai is often described as a tax haven, which makes it particularly attractive for many emigrants from Germany. The advantages of living in the UAE, especially in Dubai, include not only the high quality of life and the safe environment, but also significant tax relief.

Living in Dubai means benefiting from one of the world's leading tax systems, which offers significant advantages to individuals and businesses.

Emigrating to the UAE not only offers personal freedom and a high quality of life, but also unique tax advantages. These include:

  • No income tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • Low corporate taxes in the free zone

Opportunities for starting a business in the Freezone

The opportunity to set up a company in Dubai offers numerous advantages, especially in the free zones. These specially established economic zones are designed to make it easier for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to get started. A key advantage is full ownership of the company without the need for a local sponsor.

The free zone in Dubai offers ideal conditions for starting a company, from simplified registration processes to attractive tax incentives.

The search for a job in Dubai can take a new direction by starting your own business in a free zone. Here are some steps necessary for setting up:

  • Selecting the right free zone
  • Preparation of a detailed business plan
  • Applying for the necessary licenses
  • Taking out insurance in Dubai

Setting up a company in Dubai is not only a way to gain a foothold in your career, but also an opportunity to become part of a dynamic and growing economy.

Good value for money compared to Germany

Compared to Germany, Dubai offers a much better price-performance ratio . This applies to everyday needs as well as special services and leisure activities. An important aspect that is of particular interest to families is the cost of food and housing.

The cost of living in Dubai is lower than in many German cities, which is a significant advantage for expats.

Some examples of the good value for money in Dubai:

  • Basic foods are often cheaper
  • Rents for apartments and houses offer more space for less money
  • Leisure activities such as cinema, sports and excursions are cheaper

Leisure and culture

Leisure and culture

Diverse leisure activities for children and families

Dubai offers a wealth of leisure activities that are specifically tailored to families and children. From water parks to cultural experiences, the city leaves nothing to be desired. The top 10 things to do with children in Dubai include visiting Aquaventure Waterpark, Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall. This variety guarantees that there is something for every member of the family.

Dubai is known for its exceptional leisure activities that attract families from all over the world.

For families seeking adventure, Dubai offers not only traditional attractions but also opportunities to explore the outdoors. Beaches and desert safaris are just some of the options that offer families an unforgettable experience.

Access to international culture and gastronomy

Dubai offers a unique platform for access to international culture and gastronomy , attracting families from all over the world. The city is known for its culinary diversity, ranging from traditional Arabic dishes to exotic foods from around the world.

In Dubai, families can embark on a culinary journey that takes them through diverse cultures without having to leave the city.

A special highlight is the homely restaurant Bait Al Maryam, known for its delicious Manakish variations . Here visitors can experience authentic Arabic hospitality and cuisine.

  • Arabic food in Dubai
    • In the homely restaurant Bait Al Maryam you are spoiled for choice between numerous delicious Manakish varieties – be sure to try the ...

Beaches and nature experiences in the immediate vicinity

Dubai not only offers an impressive skyline and luxurious shopping opportunities, but also unforgettable natural experiences and beautiful beaches . Families can enjoy a variety of activities here, from relaxing days on the beach to adventurous trips into the desert.

The proximity to both urban and natural attractions makes Dubai a unique place for families.

Some of the most popular beaches and nature experiences are:

  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Kite Beach
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park
  • Desert Safari
  • Hajar Mountains

International Community

International Community

Easy integration thanks to multicultural environment

Dubai is characterized by its multicultural environment, which makes it easier for newcomers to settle in quickly and feel comfortable. The diversity of cultures promotes an open and welcoming atmosphere , which enables families from Germany to make contacts and find their way in their new home.

People from over 200 nations live together in Dubai. This cultural diversity offers a unique opportunity to learn and share global perspectives.

Integration into the community is further supported by numerous events and festivals that take place throughout the year. These provide an excellent opportunity to get to know the local culture and interact with other expats.

Networks for German emigrants

There are a number of networks and platforms in Dubai that are specifically designed to help German expats settle in and live in their new surroundings. Dubai Scout and are exemplary contact points that offer valuable resources and contacts.

  • Your Network – TheDubaiScount - As an expat in Dubai, it is especially advisable to network as Dubai is a global hub with a diverse and dynamic business world.
  • offers the opportunity to experience adventures and holidays with German-speaking expats, which promotes integration into the local community.
Active participation in such networks can significantly accelerate social integration and also offers the opportunity to gain a foothold in the professional world.

Linguistic diversity and international schools make everyday life easier

In Dubai, the diversity of languages ​​is seen as a great advantage for families from Germany. Thanks to the international schools and the multicultural environment, it is easy for children and adults to find their way around their new home and at the same time improve their language skills.

The presence of German schools alongside international institutions offers a unique opportunity to both preserve German culture and gain new cultural perspectives.

Integration into the local community is greatly facilitated by the diversity of languages ​​and educational institutions. Families benefit from a seamless transition that supports both the social and academic development of their children.

Modern infrastructure

Modern infrastructure

Highly developed transport systems and public services

Dubai is characterized by a highly developed transport system that makes everyday life much easier for families. The city has an extensive network of metro, buses and taxis that enable quick and convenient travel.

Dubai is committed to sustainability and innovation in public transport, which is reflected in the constant development of its means of transport.

The safety and reliability of public transport is particularly relevant for families. Here are some highlights:

  • Modern and clean metro stations
  • Reliable bus connections with a wide route network
  • Safe and comfortable taxis

Future-oriented urban development

Dubai is characterized by future-oriented urban development that focuses not only on architectural aesthetics, but also on sustainability and efficiency. Innovative projects such as the "Smart City" initiative show how technology is used to improve the lives of city dwellers.

  • The city plans to be one of the smartest and most sustainable cities in the world by 2025.
  • Use of renewable energy and intelligent infrastructure to reduce the ecological footprint.
  • Promoting electromobility and smart transport solutions.
Dubai relies on a combination of traditional values ​​and cutting-edge technology to create a livable environment for its residents.

Extensive shopping and entertainment options

Dubai offers an unrivalled range of shopping and entertainment options, making it a paradise for families and shopping enthusiasts. From luxury malls to traditional souks , the city combines modern and traditional shopping experiences in a unique way.

  • The Dubai Mall: One of the largest shopping centers in the world with over 1,200 stores
  • Mall of the Emirates: Known for the indoor ski resort Ski Dubai
  • Global Village: A mix of culture, entertainment and shopping
Dubai is not just a place for shopping, it also offers a variety of cultural and entertainment activities for all the family. From world-class cinema experiences to live events and festivals, there is something for everyone in Dubai.


In summary, Dubai is an exceptionally attractive choice for German families considering emigrating. With its dynamic economy, diverse opportunities to set up a company in the free zones and a vibrant cultural life, Dubai offers a unique blend of modern comfort and traditional hospitality. Added to this is the high quality of life, which is ensured by extensive international medical care and a wide range of leisure activities for children and adults alike. Despite occasional challenges, such as the rare heavy rainfall, the resilience and adaptability of the city and its residents are evident. For German families looking to start a new chapter in their lives, Dubai therefore offers a fascinating and enriching environment to explore.

frequently asked Questions

Why is Dubai an attractive choice for German expatriate families?

Dubai offers a high quality of life, security, excellent educational opportunities through international schools and economic advantages such as tax incentives and opportunities to set up a company in the free zone. There are also a wide range of leisure and cultural activities and a modern infrastructure.

What is the state of healthcare in Dubai?

Dubai offers high standards of healthcare with comprehensive international coverage for outpatient, dental and inpatient treatments, with no benefit caps, which is particularly beneficial for long-term treatment costs.

Can my children get a quality education in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai has a variety of international schools that offer excellent education and are tailored to the needs of expatriate families.

What economic advantages does Dubai offer for expats?

Dubai attracts with tax advantages for expats, attractive opportunities to set up a company in the free zone and a favorable price-performance ratio compared to Germany.

What makes Dubai an ideal place for family leisure?

Dubai offers a variety of leisure activities for children and families, access to international culture and gastronomy, as well as beaches and nature experiences in the immediate vicinity.

How is integration into the community in Dubai for German expats?

Integration is facilitated by the multicultural environment, networks for German emigrants and the diversity of languages. International schools also contribute to a smooth adjustment.

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