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Living in Dubai: Why it is the perfect emigration destination for families

Dubai is more than just a glittering metropolis in the desert; it is a dream destination for families looking for a new home. With its combination of luxurious lifestyle, world-class educational institutions and a safe environment, Dubai offers everything one could wish for a fulfilling family life. In this article, you will learn why Dubai is the perfect emigration destination for families.

Key findings

  • Dubai offers great weather all year round, ideal for outdoor activities with the family.
  • The city has safe and family-friendly residential areas that ensure a high quality of life.
  • Dubai offers numerous world-class schools and educational opportunities that will enhance your children’s development.
  • The economy in Dubai offers attractive career opportunities and significant tax advantages for entrepreneurs.
  • Dubai is a multicultural society that offers rich cultural diversity and a high quality of life.

Why emigrate to Dubai? The advantages you won't find anywhere else

family enjoying life in Dubai skyline

Dubai is not just a city; it is a promise of a better tomorrow and a more fulfilling today. A life in Dubai will live up to the grandeur of your dreams. Here are some of the excellent advantages that make Dubai an ideal destination for expats:

Excellent weather all year round

In Dubai you can enjoy sunny days and pleasant nights all year round. This consistently good weather allows for a variety of outdoor activities and a high quality of life.

Safe and family-friendly residential areas

Dubai offers numerous safe and well-developed residential areas that are ideal for families. The low crime rate makes it a safe haven for your loved ones.

Luxurious living conditions and leisure activities

From world-class shopping malls to world-class theme parks, Dubai offers an unparalleled range of luxury and entertainment. The city is known for its opulent living conditions and offers countless opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.

Dubai is a tax haven that offers attractive tax benefits that you won't find in many other countries. This makes it particularly appealing to entrepreneurs and business people who want to minimize their tax burden.

Family-friendly: A place where your children's dreams take root

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Dubai isn't just a place for adults; it's a place where your children's dreams can take root. With a variety of world-class schools and kid-friendly activities, Dubai is the ideal place for families. It's a place where your children's future starts today.

First-class schools

Dubai offers a wide range of internationally recognized schools that guarantee quality education. The schools are known for their excellent infrastructure and modern teaching methods that aim to bring out the best in every student.

Child-friendly activities

The city offers a wealth of activities specifically tailored to children. From theme parks to interactive museums, Dubai ensures that your children are both entertained and educated.

A safe environment for development

Dubai is known for its high safety standards and offers a safe environment in which children can grow up freely and carefree. The city places great importance on the safety and well-being of all children.

Career opportunities and economic benefits

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Free zone and company formation

Dubai offers unique opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people. Its numerous free zones make it possible to set up and operate businesses without local involvement. This not only encourages the creation of new businesses , but also makes them easier to manage and grow.

Tax advantages for entrepreneurs

One of the biggest economic incentives in Dubai is the significant tax benefits. Companies benefit from a zero percent tax policy on corporate profits and personal income. This makes Dubai an attractive location for business activities.

Career opportunities in various industries

Dubai is a dynamic economic hub that offers a wide range of career opportunities across different sectors. From financial services to tourism to technology, the opportunities are diverse and accessible.

Dubai not only offers economic benefits but also administrative support that makes it easier to start and run a business.

Quality of life and culture in Dubai

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Multicultural society

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures with over 200 nationalities. This cultural diversity offers a unique perspective on the world and promotes tolerance and openness in society.

High-quality healthcare

In Dubai, you will find state-of-the-art healthcare facilities that provide world-class medical care. The city places great importance on the health and well-being of its residents.

Rich cultural offering

Dubai offers a wide range of cultural activities, from traditional markets to modern art galleries. The city is known for its vibrant art scene and numerous cultural festivals.

Dubai vs. the world: A comparison that will blow your mind

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Dubai stands out from other global metropolises in many aspects. Here are some comparisons that illustrate Dubai's superiority in various areas:

Standard of living

Dubai offers an exceptionally high standard of living , characterised by luxurious housing, world-class leisure facilities and comprehensive infrastructure. The city attracts people looking for a combination of modern conveniences and rich cultural experiences.

Cost of living

Although Dubai is known for its luxury, the cost of living is relatively cheap compared to other big cities like New York or London. Here is a quick overview:

City Rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in the city center (USD) Monthly living expenses for a family (USD)
Dubai 3,000 4,000
new York 5,000 7,500
London 4,200 6,800

Access to international markets

Dubai serves as a global hub, offering unmatched access to international markets. Its strategic location and advanced infrastructure enable companies to operate efficiently and enter new markets.

Dubai is not just a place; it is a lifestyle that is unmatched compared to other global metropolises.

The emotional and rational reasons for emigrating to Dubai

family enjoying life in Dubai skyline

Personal fulfillment

Dubai offers a unique combination of personal fulfillment and professional opportunities, making it an attractive destination for many expats. The opportunity to live and work in a multicultural environment not only promotes personal development but also broadens horizons.

Opportunities for self-realization

In Dubai, everyone can realize their dreams, whether by setting up their own business or by participating in a wide range of cultural and social activities. The liberal economic policy and the high quality of life support self-realization in many ways.

Freedom and adventure

Choosing Dubai also means choosing a life of adventure. From desert exploration to luxury shopping malls, Dubai offers a wealth of experiences that enrich daily life and offer the freedom to explore and experience new things.

Practical tips for emigrating to Dubai

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Visa and residence requirements

In order to emigrate to Dubai , it is important to know the correct visas and residency requirements. A tourist visa is intended for short-term stays, while a work visa is required for longer stays and to take up employment. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the different types of visas early on and to prepare the necessary documents.

Apartment search and moving

Finding a suitable apartment can be a challenge, especially in a city as dynamic as Dubai. It is advisable to hire a local real estate agent who knows the best areas to live and can help you find an apartment that suits your needs. Plan your move carefully, considering both the costs and the logistical aspects.

Integration into the community

Integrating into the community is an essential step to feeling comfortable in Dubai. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with local customs and culture. Networks and social groups can help you make contacts and settle in faster. Blockquote: > Dubai offers a multicultural environment where newcomers from all over the world are welcomed and easily connected.


Dubai offers a unique combination of safety, quality of life and opportunities for families looking to emigrate from Germany. With its sunny climate, world-class educational institutions and a variety of recreational activities, it is a place where not only the adults but also the children can thrive. Choosing to emigrate to Dubai is more than just a geographical change; it is a step towards a future rich in opportunity and fulfillment. Dubai is waiting to make your dreams come true and offers a platform where both professional and personal success can be celebrated. Are you ready to seize this opportunity?

frequently asked Questions

Why is Dubai an ideal emigration destination for families?

Dubai offers a pleasant climate, safe residential areas, first-class schools, numerous leisure activities and excellent career opportunities, making it a perfect place for families.

What advantages does Dubai offer for entrepreneurs?

Dubai offers tax advantages, a strategic location for international business and the possibility of setting up companies in free zones, making it particularly attractive for entrepreneurs.

What is the education system like in Dubai?

Dubai has a variety of top-class international schools that offer excellent education and are tailored to the needs of expatriate families.

What are the living conditions in Dubai?

Dubai offers luxurious residential complexes and gated communities that are ideal for families seeking security and comfort.

What makes Dubai culturally attractive?

Dubai is a multicultural city with a rich cultural offering, including museums, theaters and cultural festivals that reflect the city's cultural diversity.

What is the best way to approach moving to Dubai?

When moving to Dubai, it is advisable to find out about visa and residency requirements, look for suitable accommodation and actively integrate into the community to ease the transition.

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