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Living in Dubai: Why it’s the perfect choice for your family

Dubai has established itself as one of the most popular destinations for expat families from Germany in recent years. The city offers an impressive combination of safety, economic opportunities and a high quality of life, making it an ideal place for families. In this article, we highlight the key reasons why living in Dubai could be the perfect choice for your family.

Key findings

  • Dubai offers exceptionally high levels of security and a livable environment for families.
  • Educational opportunities for children are first-class, with a variety of international schools and a multilingual education system.
  • Economically, Dubai offers enormous advantages through free zones, tax incentives and diverse career opportunities.
  • The city is rich in leisure activities and cultural offerings that enrich family life.
  • Dubai is characterized by modern infrastructure and an international community that facilitates integration.

Safety and quality of life in Dubai

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High safety standards

Dubai is known worldwide for its high level of security and order. The city has a modern police fleet and advanced surveillance technologies that ensure a safe environment for residents and visitors.

Family-friendly environment

The city offers numerous parks, playgrounds and family-oriented events, making Dubai an ideal place for families. Schools and medical facilities meet international standards, which increases the overall quality of life.

Comparison with Germany

Compared to Germany, Dubai offers consistent sunny weather and a lower cost of living, making it an attractive choice for German families. The economic benefits and high quality of life are significant factors that attract German expats.

Dubai offers an exceptionally high quality of life and security, including high standards of healthcare and a safe environment for families.

Educational opportunities for children

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International Schools

Dubai offers an impressive selection of international schools that ensure quality education and are tailored to the needs of expatriate families. These schools follow various international curricula, such as the British, American or International Baccalaureate (IB).

Linguistic diversity in the education system

The education system in Dubai is characterized by a remarkable diversity of languages. In addition to English as the main language of instruction, many other languages ​​are offered, including French, Spanish and Arabic, which promotes the language development of the children.

Promoting talents and interests

Dubai places great emphasis on the individual development of children's talents and interests. Specialized programs and activities in areas such as sports, music and art are an integral part of the educational offering. Schools often offer special facilities and resources to support children in their specific interests.

Economic Benefits of Living in Dubai

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Free zones and company formation

Dubai offers a dynamic economic landscape that is particularly attractive for starting a business. The numerous free zones make it possible to set up a company in Dubai without local involvement and benefit from complete tax exemption on corporate profits and imports/exports. This makes Dubai an ideal location for international business.

Tax benefits

Living in Dubai means benefiting from one of the world's most well-known tax havens . There is no income tax for individuals and little to no corporate taxes, which provides significant financial relief and effectively reduces the cost of living.

Career opportunities for parents

Dubai attracts professionals from all over the world and offers numerous job opportunities in various sectors. The city is known for its advanced infrastructure and growing economy, making it an attractive place for career development. The availability of international schools also supports families who want to emigrate to Dubai with their family .

Leisure activities and cultural offerings

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Variety of leisure activities

Dubai offers an impressive variety of leisure activities, ranging from desert safaris to water parks and luxurious spas. There are specially tailored packages for families, such as a visit to the Aquaventure Waterpark or Burj Khalifa. This variety guarantees that there is something for every family member.

Cultural event

Dubai is not only a shopping paradise, but also a centre for cultural events. From top-class cinema experiences to live events and festivals, the city offers a rich cultural programme that attracts international guests. > Dubai is known for its exceptional leisure activities that attract families from all over the world.

Sports and recreation for the whole family

In Dubai you will not only find traditional attractions, but also numerous opportunities for sports and recreation. Beaches and desert safaris offer unforgettable experiences for the whole family. The city has long established itself as an ideal place for relaxation and entertainment.

The international community in Dubai

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Multicultural coexistence

Dubai is known for its multicultural environment , which makes it easy for newcomers to settle in quickly. The city is home to people from over 200 nations, making it a global melting pot. This diversity not only promotes personal enrichment, but also mutual understanding and tolerance among residents.

Networks for expatriates

There are numerous networks and communities in Dubai that are specifically designed to help expatriates integrate. These networks provide a platform for social interaction and professional exchange, which is particularly beneficial for German expats.

Integration and hospitality

The open and welcoming atmosphere in Dubai makes integration much easier. Families quickly find their way and feel at home in their new home. The city also offers a high quality of life and security, making it an ideal place for families.

Infrastructure and urban development

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Modern transport systems

Dubai continuously invests in its transport infrastructure to ensure efficient and sustainable mobility. Modern and clean metro stations , reliable bus connections and safe taxis form the backbone of the public transport network. These developments contribute to making Dubai one of the smartest cities in the world.

Healthcare at international level

The healthcare infrastructure in Dubai meets international standards, with state-of-the-art facilities and qualified professionals. This ensures excellent care for all residents and visitors to the city.

Urban development and quality of life

Dubai is characterized by forward-looking urban development that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The city promotes sustainable and flexible means of mobility and plans to be one of the most sustainable cities in the world by 2025. > Dubai relies on a combination of traditional values ​​and cutting-edge technology to create a livable environment for its residents.

Living costs and daily management

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Comparison of living costs with Germany

The cost of living in Dubai can be significantly higher than in Germany, especially for housing and daily necessities. Careful budget planning is therefore essential. Here is a brief overview of the average cost differences:

  • Basic foods are often cheaper
  • Rents for apartments and houses offer more space for less money
  • Leisure activities such as cinema, sports and excursions are cheaper

Shopping and local services

Dubai offers a variety of shopping options and services that make daily life easier. From luxury shopping malls to local markets, the city covers all needs. The availability of international products is a great advantage, especially for expatriates.

Tips for managing your budget in Dubai

Careful budget planning plays an important role in making the most of your new life in the vibrant metropolis. It is advisable to review your expenses regularly and make adjustments if necessary.


In summary, Dubai is an excellent choice for German families looking to start a new life. With its safe environment, high-quality educational opportunities and a wide range of leisure activities for children, Dubai offers a quality of life that is above German standards in many aspects. The economic advantages, cultural diversity and modern infrastructure make it an attractive place for those who are ready to take on the challenges of emigration and find a new home in this dynamic city.

frequently asked Questions

Why is Dubai an attractive choice for families from Germany?

Dubai offers a high quality of life, security, modern infrastructure and economic advantages that are not available in Germany. There is also a diverse culture and numerous leisure opportunities that make it particularly attractive for expatriate families.

What educational opportunities are there for children in Dubai?

Dubai has a variety of international schools that offer quality education in various languages. There are also special programs to encourage children's talents and interests.

How safe is life in Dubai compared to Germany?

Dubai is known for its high security standards and very low crime rate, making it a very safe environment for families.

What economic benefits does Dubai offer for emigrating families?

Dubai offers numerous economic advantages such as tax-free income, free zones for starting a business and a wide range of career opportunities that are not available in Germany.

What does Dubai offer in terms of leisure activities and cultural offerings for families?

Dubai offers a wide range of leisure activities and cultural events. From water parks to museums, from sports activities to international festivals, the city offers entertainment for all ages.

What is the infrastructure and urban development like in Dubai?

Dubai impresses with modern transport systems, first-class healthcare and continuous urban development that ensures high quality of living and efficient services.

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