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Living in Dubai vs. Germany: Why Dubai is the better place for families

Moving to Dubai is attractive to many families, especially because of the wide range of benefits this dynamic city offers. From economic incentives to world-class educational opportunities and a safe environment, Dubai seems to offer many things that Germany cannot. This article will explain the reasons why Dubai could be a better place for families compared to Germany.

Key findings

  • Dubai offers a high level of security and order, which is essential for the well-being of families.
  • The educational institutions in Dubai are of high quality and internationally recognized, providing children with excellent educational opportunities.
  • Through tax advantages and an attractive economic structure, Dubai offers financial incentives that are particularly attractive for families.
  • The warm climate and diverse leisure activities make Dubai an ideal place for year-round outdoor living.
  • Dubai's multicultural community and advanced infrastructure promote a high quality of life and easy integration for expats.

Benefits of family life in Dubai

family enjoying outdoor activities in Dubai skyline background

security and order

Dubai is known for its high security and strict law enforcement, making it one of the safest places in the world. Families can move around freely and without worry, which is ideal especially for raising children.

High-quality educational institutions

Dubai schools are among the best in the world. With modern facilities and internationally recognized curricula, Dubai offers excellent educational opportunities for children. This is a deciding factor for many families considering moving to Dubai.

Diverse leisure activities for children

Dubai offers a wide range of leisure activities tailored specifically for children. From theme parks to educational and cultural centers, there are countless opportunities to make leisure time enriching and entertaining.

Dubai not only offers a high quality of life, but also an environment where safety and education are paramount.

Economic incentives for moving to Dubai

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Tax benefits

Dubai offers significant tax benefits that make it anattractive destination for expats . The UAE does not impose taxes on corporate profits or personal income, which is particularly attractive to entrepreneurs and professionals.

Career opportunities in the Freezone

The opportunity to set up a company in Dubai, particularly in one of the many free zones, offers unparalleled career opportunities. These special economic zones are designed to facilitate company formation and growth by guaranteeing full ownership rights, repatriation of capital and no customs duties.

Affordable real estate market

The real estate market in Dubai is particularly attractive for expats because it offers relatively low prices and high quality residential properties. This makes it much easier to acquire residential or commercial premises.

Dubai offers a combination of world-class infrastructure and a luxurious lifestyle, making it an ideal destination for expats and business people.

Climatic conditions in Dubai

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Warm weather all year round

Dubai enjoys a warm climate all year round , which is particularly attractive for those who want to avoid cold winters. The city offers an average of 360 days of sunshine a year, making it an ideal place for outdoor activities and constant sunshine.

Adaptation to the hot summer months

The summer months in Dubai can be extremely hot, with temperatures regularly rising above 40°C. It is important to prepare for these conditions and take measures to cope with the heat. Here are some tips:

  • Always wear sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Avoid the midday heat and plan outdoor activities in the early morning or late evening hours.
  • Use air-conditioned rooms to escape the heat.
Tip: The best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months when temperatures are milder and the weather is pleasant for exploring the city.

Cultural diversity and international community

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Multicultural environment

Dubai is known for its multicultural environment , where people from over 200 different countries live together. This diversity enriches social life and offers a unique opportunity for families to experience global perspectives and traditions.

Integration and quality of life

Integration into the local community is crucial for quality of life. In Dubai, great importance is placed on respecting cultural differences, which facilitates adaptation and promotes coexistence.

Linguistic diversity and international schools

Dubai offers an impressive range of international schools that offer education in a variety of languages. This allows children to receive an education that prepares them for the global market while promoting linguistic diversity.

Infrastructure and urban development

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Modern transport systems

Dubai is known for its advanced infrastructure and efficient transport systems that allow for quick and convenient travel within the city. The city offers high-speed internet and is constantly evolving as a smart city.

Advanced medical facilities

Dubai is home to some of the most modern medical facilities in the world, offering high-quality healthcare and equipped with the latest technology.

Sustainable urban development

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan aims to shape the city's development for the future. Key objectives include promoting the use of public transport, doubling green and recreational areas and developing a comprehensive planning database to increase transparency.

Cost of living and standard of living

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Comparison of living costs

The cost of living in Dubai varies greatly, allowing people with different incomes to live and work in the city. A large portion of the population in lower service jobs earn less than €1000 a month and still enjoy a good life in Dubai. This is because living conditions are often much better than in their home countries.

Higher standard of living in Dubai

The quality of life in Dubai is unrivalled. It has everything from a wide range of services to unrivalled variety and quality. This contributes to a higher standard of living that is rarely achieved in any German city. Berlin may come close in some aspects, but loses out in areas such as safety.

Access to luxury and comfort

Dubai offers access to luxury and comfort that goes far beyond what is available in many other cities. The city offers an impressive range of luxury goods and services to suit every budget, making it an attractive place to live for those who value an upscale lifestyle.

Dubai is known for its impressive skyline and luxurious lifestyle, making it a unique place to live.

Personal experiences of emigrants

family enjoying outdoor activities in Dubai skyline background

Experience reports from German families

Many German families who have emigrated to Dubai report a quick and positive adaptation to the new environment. The support from local services and the international community makes the transition much easier.

Adaptation and challenges

Adapting to the new culture and climate is a challenge for some, but most quickly find connection and appreciation in Dubai's multicultural atmosphere.

Long-term prospects in Dubai

In the long term, many expats see great advantages in the quality of life and career opportunities in Dubai. The city offers a stable economic environment and numerous opportunities for personal and professional development.


In summary, Dubai offers attractive benefits for many families that make it a preferred destination for living and raising children. The combination of high-quality educational institutions, a safe environment and a variety of recreational activities creates an ideal environment for families. Despite some challenges, such as the extreme heat in some months and the lack of natural diversity, the positive aspects clearly outweigh the negative ones. For those who are willing to accept the cultural differences and benefit from the economic advantages, Dubai could actually be the better place compared to Germany to lead a fulfilling family life.

frequently asked Questions

Why is Dubai a better place for families than Germany?

Dubai offers a high level of security, excellent educational facilities and a wide range of leisure activities for children. In addition, the cost of living is relatively low despite the higher standard of living and there are significant tax advantages.

What economic advantages does Dubai offer for expats?

Dubai offers a tax-free environment, attractive career opportunities especially in the free zones and a favorable real estate market, which makes it particularly attractive for expats.

How do families cope with the hot summer months in Dubai?

Families adapt to the hot summer months with air-conditioned indoor spaces and nighttime activities. There are also numerous indoor recreational facilities designed specifically for the hot season.

What makes Dubai so culturally diverse and so international?

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures with a large international community. This promotes integration, provides access to international schools and creates a vibrant, multicultural environment.

How is the infrastructure in Dubai compared to Germany?

Dubai boasts modern infrastructure, including advanced transportation systems and sophisticated medical facilities. The city is also known for its sustainable development and innovative urban planning.

Can you share personal experiences of German expats in Dubai?

Many German families report a high quality of life and better living conditions in Dubai. They highlight the safety, weather and career opportunities while adjusting to the cultural differences.

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