Leben als Dubai Influencer: Mythen und Realität | Die Erfahrung von dem Influencer und Unternehmer Maik Besso

Life as a Dubai influencer: myths and reality | The experience of influencer and entrepreneur Maik Besso

Dubai is not only a luxury paradise but also a hotspot for influencers from all over the world. As Maik Besso, an influencer living and working in Dubai, I would like to clear up some myths and misconceptions that often circulate in the media. Here are some of the most common rumors and the truth behind them:

Rumor 1: You need a special influencer contract in Dubai

One of the most persistent rumors is that you need a special contract to be an influencer in Dubai. This is completely wrong. As an influencer in Dubai, you have the freedom to arrange collaborations and advertising deals as you wish. There are no legal requirements that require a special influencer contract. On the contrary, you can earn a lot of money through numerous collaborations and partnerships.

Rumor 2: Influencers don’t earn much money in Dubai

This rumor is also persistent, but it is also untrue. In Dubai, there are numerous opportunities for influencers to make lucrative deals. The high density of luxury brands and companies present in Dubai offers many opportunities for collaborations. Personally, I have found that through strategic partnerships and clever self-promotion, you can even earn more than in many other parts of the world.

The tax advantages for influencers in Dubai

Another big advantage of living in Dubai is the tax freedom. Dubai does not levy income tax, which means that as an influencer you can keep all of your earnings. This tax freedom makes Dubai an extremely attractive location for entrepreneurs and influencers.

Visa and residence options

As an influencer, you can stay in Germany for up to six months at a time without having any problems with a visa. You only have to enter Dubai once every six months if you have the Emirates ID. It is also possible to acquire a license that includes a visa in a free zone with an investment of just AED 16,600. This license allows you to work legally as an influencer in Dubai and enjoy the many advantages of this dynamic city.
Link: Click here to calculate and calculate your free zone

Important questions about being an influencer in Dubai

Which license do I need if I have products or services as well as advertising deals outside the UAE, such as customers in Germany? You need a simple free zone license. This allows you to work internationally and handle your deals flexibly.

How do you apply for a license? With our help, applying for a license is simple and transparent. We pass on the prices 1:1 because we are an official partner of the free zones. Our service is free for you as a customer because we receive our commission directly from the free zone.

How do I settle the payment for advertising deals? It's easy with invoices that you write from your company that you founded in a free zone. This makes the process professional and uncomplicated.

How can I stay in Dubai legally? Your company founded in a free zone will issue you a visa. This visa allows you to live and work legally in Dubai.

Do I have to sign an influencer contract? No, there is no such contract. This rumor was spread by the media in Germany. Everyone can act freely here and run their business according to their own ideas.


Dubai is a fantastic place for influencers. The tax benefits, flexibility in licensing and freedom to enter into collaborations as you wish make Dubai a top location for anyone involved in influencer marketing. Whether you are just starting out or already established, Dubai offers numerous opportunities to make your business successful.

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