Firma in Dubai Gründen, Wohnsitz in Deutschland: Ein Leitfaden

Setting up a company in Dubai, residence in Germany: A guide

Setting up a company in Dubai is an attractive option for many entrepreneurs, especially if you want to keep your residence in Germany. In this article, I, Maik Besso, will show you how you can set up a free zone company in Dubai online and what advantages this brings. Use the support of TheDubaiScout to make this process smooth.

Step by step: How to set up a company in Dubai from Germany

1. Online establishment of a freezone company You can conveniently set up a freezone company in Dubai from Germany. This process is legal and straightforward. TheDubaiScout has already helped many entrepreneurs to successfully master this step. A freezone company offers numerous advantages, including tax relief and complete company control.

2. Reporting to the German tax office It is important to report the establishment of your company in Dubai to the German tax office. This ensures that all legal requirements are met. Working with a tax advisor is essential in order to legally transfer the profit from Dubai to Germany and record it correctly for tax purposes.

3. Regularly enter Dubai To meet the Freezone requirements, you must enter Dubai at least once every six months. This shows your active involvement and presence in Dubai and keeps your company legally compliant.

4. Cost of establishment The cost of setting up a free zone company in Dubai is approximately AED 16,600. This amount covers license fees, visas and other necessary expenses.

5. Office in Dubai It is ideal if your company has an office with employees in Dubai. However, this is not mandatory. You can operate successfully without a physical office.

Reasons for setting up a company in Dubai

The reasons for establishing a company in Dubai are varied and should be clearly communicated to the German tax authorities:

  • International presence: By establishing a company in Dubai, you can strengthen your international presence and open up new markets.
  • Acquiring customers in the UAE: Having a local office makes it easier to acquire customers and build relationships in the UAE.
  • Expansion: A company in Dubai can serve as a first step in a planned international expansion.
  • Bureaucratic security: Setting up a company in Dubai can also serve as a protective measure against bureaucratic challenges and uncertainties in Germany.


Setting up a company in Dubai while maintaining your residence in Germany is a viable and legal option. With the support of TheDubaiScout, you can go through this process smoothly and benefit from the numerous advantages that a freezone company in Dubai offers. Remember to fulfill all tax obligations and travel to Dubai regularly to actively run your company.

Take advantage of a tax-free environment and expand your business opportunities through a strategically located company in Dubai.

Calculate the costs of setting up a company in Dubai.

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