Erfolgsgeschichte: Udo Gaedig und Mandy Bluhm - Vom Unternehmer in Deutschland zum Café-Besitzer in Dubai

Success story: Udo Gaedig and Mandy Bluhm - From entrepreneur in Germany to café owner in Dubai

Udo Gaedig and Mandy Bluhm left their long-term prospects as entrepreneurs in Germany behind and emigrated to Dubai. Here they now successfully run the Café Choco Berry Boutique. This decision marks the culmination of their entrepreneurial journey and is an inspiring example for anyone thinking about emigrating to Dubai.

Who are Udo Gaedig and Mandy Bluhm?

Udo Gaedig is 37 years old and has worked as a self-employed entrepreneur in Germany for the last 15 years. He ran a facade cleaning company and a B2B vehicle cleaning company. Together with his partner Mandy Bluhm, he now runs the Choco Berry Boutique café in Dubai. Their story is an impressive example of courage, determination and the desire for constant development.

The way to Dubai

The decision to emigrate to Dubai was driven by a desire for long-term prospects for entrepreneurs. They encountered numerous challenges in Germany and saw Dubai as an opportunity to realize their visions. The city offers a dynamic environment for entrepreneurs, a growing economy and numerous opportunities that may not be as easily accessible in other parts of the world.

The motivation behind the success

Udo and Mandy are motivated daily by their vision and the urge to constantly develop. Although they do not have direct mentors, they are inspired by successful people like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This inner motivation and willingness to learn from failures have helped them to always get up and keep going.

Dealing with challenges and failures

The road to success was not always easy for Udo and Mandy. They failed often and hard, were cheated and faced unforeseen challenges. But they learned that the winner always gets up one more time than the loser. They learned valuable lessons from these experiences: trust in yourself, be flexible and don't waste time with the wrong people or actions.

Significant milestones and greatest successes

For Udo and Mandy, emigrating to Dubai was a particularly significant milestone. It was a step towards personal development and entrepreneurial freedom. Their greatest success was leaving Germany and starting a new life in Dubai. This decision brought them not only professional freedom, but also personal freedom.

Dealing with pressure and expectations

Udo likes a certain amount of pressure because it makes him efficient. He is not interested in expectations from outside, but he tries to understand the expectations of customers and guests and implement them realistically. This approach has helped him to focus on the essentials and achieve his goals.

The definition of success

For Udo, success means above all freedom - the freedom to decide and do what he wants. He has achieved this freedom through hard work and determination. His advice to those starting out in their careers is to expect the unexpected and not to be distracted by undisciplined habits.

Future plans and advice

Udo and Mandy plan to continue to build on their success in Dubai. Their advice to others who want to emigrate to Dubai and be successful is clear: develop discipline, avoid black-and-white thinking and be prepared to constantly learn. For them, the journey is the destination, and even if something doesn't work out, it's not giving up, but rather a correction and further development.

Contact and further information

Anyone interested can contact Udo and Mandy via their website Choco Berry Boutique or by email at . Their cafe is a popular meeting place in Dubai and they love to share their experiences and adventures with others.


The story of Udo Gaedig and Mandy Bluhm is an inspiring example for anyone who dreams of emigrating to Dubai and being successful there. Their journey shows that with courage, determination and the right attitude, anything is possible. So if you are thinking of emigrating to Dubai, let their story inspire you and take the step into a new, exciting future.

Maik Besso was there to visit the opening. Watch the video on Instagram.

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