Die sonnige Seite des Lebens: Auswandern und Firmengründung in Dubai

The sunny side of life: Emigrating and starting a business in Dubai

Dubai, the dazzling metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, attracts people from all over the world with its luxurious lifestyle, thriving economy and cultural diversity. This article highlights the sunny side of life in Dubai, from the advantages of living and working in this dynamic city to the possibilities of starting a company in the free zone and the endless leisure and cultural opportunities. Find out why more and more people from Germany and other countries are choosing to emigrate to Dubai and start a new chapter in their lives there.

Key findings

  • Dubai offers a luxurious and dynamic lifestyle that attracts people from all over the world.
  • Setting up a company in Dubai’s free zone is attractive for entrepreneurs and offers numerous advantages.
  • Dubai is a paradise for families, with a variety of activities and entertainment options for children.
  • The quality of life in Dubai is higher in many aspects than in Germany.
  • Dubai serves as an ideal springboard for adventurers who want to explore the world.

Living and working in Dubai

Living and working in Dubai

Advantages of living in Dubai

Life in Dubai offers a unique blend of modern comfort and traditional culture. The benefits of living in the UAE are many and attract people from all over the world. A job in Dubai not only offers attractive remuneration, but also the opportunity to work in an international environment and gain valuable experience.

Insurance in Dubai is another important aspect that ensures security and peace of mind.

Dubai is known for its high quality of life and offers a wide range of leisure and entertainment options. From luxurious shopping malls to stunning beaches, Dubai has something for everyone.

Establishing a company in the Freezone

There are many advantages to starting a company in Dubai, especially if you choose to set up in one of the many free zones. These special economic zones are designed to attract foreign investors and offer simplified company formation, tax incentives and no restrictions on transferring capital and profits abroad.

Setting up a freezone in Dubai allows entrepreneurs to own 100% of the company without the need for a local partner. This is a key advantage over other regions in the United Arab Emirates.

Setting up a company in Dubai in a free zone not only offers financial advantages, but also strategic positioning in one of the world's leading business centers.

Choosing the right freezone depends on the type of business and the specific needs of the entrepreneur. Here are some of the most popular freezones in Dubai:

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Healthcare City

With the family in Dubai: A paradise for children

Dubai offers a wide range of leisure activities and educational opportunities for families who take the step of moving to Dubai with their families . The school for children in Dubai is characterized by high educational standards and an international environment that helps children to settle in quickly and make new friends.

Dubai is not only a place of business success, but also a paradise for families who value education and leisure.

For families new to Dubai, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different school systems. Here is a brief overview:

  • International schools with IB program
  • British and American schools
  • Local schools focusing on the UAE national curriculum

Emigrating to Dubai: A step towards happiness

Emigrating to Dubai: A step towards happiness

From Germany to Dubai: A seamless transition

Moving from Germany to Dubai can be experienced as a seamless transition thanks to the excellent infrastructure and the wide range of support services available. Dubai offers a unique blend of modern comfort and traditional culture , making the transition easier for newcomers.

Dubai is an important air transport hub and offers direct flights to numerous international destinations.

Getting to Dubai is easy thanks to the direct flights and various transport options from the airport to the city. Here is a brief overview:

  • Taxi: One of the most convenient and fastest options.
  • Public transport: A cost-effective alternative.
  • Rental car: For those who value flexibility.

Once arrived, newcomers will find a wide range of services and facilities to help them settle into their new life in Dubai. From international schools to a wide range of leisure activities, Dubai has something for everyone.

Quality of life in comparison: Dubai vs. Germany

Emigrating to Dubai offers numerous advantages that have a direct impact on the quality of life. One of the most striking differences is Dubai as a tax haven, which is the deciding factor for many people to take the step to the emirate. Compared to Germany, where taxes and duties make up a significant part of income, Dubai offers attractive tax relief.

Dubai offers a high quality of life, coupled with a luxurious lifestyle that cannot be found in Germany.

Another point in Dubai's favor is the year-round warm climate, which allows for outdoor activities and enjoying the sunny side of life. The infrastructure and medical care are at a high level, which makes the decision to emigrate to Dubai even more attractive.

  • Tax haven Dubai : No income tax
  • Germany: High taxes and social security contributions

Enjoy the sunny side of life

Dubai offers a unique combination of modern luxury and traditional culture, making it an ideal destination for expatriation in UAE . The city exudes an atmosphere that is both inspiring and relaxing, allowing immigrants to quickly become part of the dynamic community.

Dubai is known for its outstanding quality of life and offers countless opportunities for leisure activities and personal development.

Another important aspect is safety. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, which is particularly attractive for families. The combination of safety, high-quality infrastructure and a lively social environment makes Dubai a paradise for expats and their families.

Leisure and culture: endless possibilities in Dubai

Leisure and culture: endless possibilities in Dubai

Activities and entertainment for children

Dubai offers a wealth of activities and entertainment options for children, ranging from cultural experiences to adventure parks. Families will find a paradise here that will give the little ones unforgettable memories.

Dubai is not only a dream destination for adults, but also a wonderland for children.

In addition to the world-famous attractions, there are numerous ways to spend your free time actively and educationally. From interactive museums to educational programs that impart knowledge through play, there is something for every child.

Shopping and gastronomy: A first-class experience

Dubai offers an unparalleled variety of shopping and culinary delights that attract visitors from all over the world. From luxury shopping malls to traditional souks, the city combines modern elegance with cultural authenticity. Dubai's gastronomy reflects its multicultural population , with an impressive selection of international cuisines and local specialties.

Dubai is not only a paradise for shopping enthusiasts, but also for culinary lovers.

Some of the most popular shopping destinations are:

  • The Dubai Mall, the largest shopping centre in the world
  • The traditional gold souk
  • The Global Village , which offers shopping and entertainment experiences from different countries

Dubai's culinary landscape is characterized by a variety of culinary delights of the highest quality , ranging from street food to gourmet restaurants. A visit to Dubai is therefore an invitation to explore the world of flavors and experience unforgettable taste experiences.

Cultural highlights and authentic experiences

Dubai offers a unique blend of modern architecture and traditional elements, making it a fascinating place for culture lovers. The city is a melting pot of cultures where you can find everything from traditional souks to modern art galleries.

  • Traditional souks offer an authentic shopping experience.
  • Art galleries and museums showcase modern and historical works from the region and around the world.
  • Music and dance events reflect Dubai’s cultural diversity.
Dubai uniquely combines the past with the future, offering visitors an unparalleled cultural experience.

Whether you explore the historical sites or experience Dubai's vibrant art scene, the city offers something for every taste. The hospitality and openness of the people make every visit an unforgettable experience.

Dubai as a springboard for adventurers

Dubai as a springboard for adventurers

Workation: Working in the most beautiful places

Dubai offers a unique combination of luxury and efficiency that makes it the ideal place for a workation. Working where others vacation is not just a dream here, but a reality. With a variety of hotels and resorts specifically tailored to the needs of digital nomads and business travelers, you will find the perfect place to work productively and relax at the same time.

Dubai knows how to promote an excellent work-life balance. The city not only offers first-class working conditions, but also countless opportunities for leisure activities.

Some of the best workation offers in Dubai are:

  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel : Ideal for those who want to combine work and relaxation on the beach.
  • Armani Hotel Dubai : Offers unique workspaces with views of Burj Khalifa.
  • Atlantis, The Palm : Perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the underwater world after a productive day at work.

These offerings allow you to work in an inspiring environment while having access to world-class leisure activities, making Dubai not only a place for vacation but also a paradise for workation.

Network and find new friends

Dubai offers a unique platform for networking and making new friends. The city attracts people from all over the world, resulting in a diverse and dynamic community. The opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and experiences enriches personal and professional lives.

Dubai regularly hosts events and meetups specifically designed to bring expats and locals together. These provide a great opportunity to expand your network and meet like-minded people.

Here are some popular events for networking in Dubai:

  • Business breakfasts and after-work events
  • Specialist conferences and workshops
  • Cultural festivals and community projects
  • Sports activities and group excursions

Attending these events can be the key to successfully integrating into Dubai society while opening the door to new professional opportunities. It is an investment in your future that will pay off in many ways.

Exploring the world from Dubai

Dubai not only offers a wealth of local attractions, but also serves as the perfect springboard for international adventures. From here, numerous dream destinations can easily be reached , whether for short trips or longer voyages of discovery. Thanks to the central location and the well-developed airport, metropolises such as London, Paris or even more exotic places such as the Maldives are only a few hours' flight away.

Dubai is the ideal starting point for travelers who want to explore the world.

For those looking to expand their travel plans, Dubai offers a variety of options:

  • Cultural stopover in other Emirates or nearby countries
  • Relaxation in the Maldives
  • Adventure in Asia or Africa

Dubai is not only a gateway to the world, but also a place where you can quickly and easily connect with other travelers to plan trips together or exchange experiences.


Dubai, the shining metropolis in the desert, offers much more than just luxurious shopping malls and impressive skyscrapers. A world of opportunities opens up for expats and business founders, supported by the attractive conditions of the free zones. Living in Dubai with the family promises a high quality of life, security and a wealth of activities for children. The positive coverage in this article reflects only a fraction of the opportunities Dubai has to offer. Whether it is about starting a new business or starting a new life with the family - Dubai is undoubtedly a place that makes dreams come true.

frequently asked Questions

What are the advantages of living in Dubai?

Dubai offers a high quality of life, a safe environment, tax-free income and a luxurious living environment. There are also numerous leisure and entertainment options for the whole family.

How do I start a company in Dubai Free Zone?

To set up a company in one of Dubai's free zones, one must first select the appropriate free zone, submit the required documents and pay the applicable fees. The free zones offer numerous advantages, such as full foreign ownership and tax incentives.

Is Dubai a good destination for families?

Yes, Dubai is an excellent destination for families. There are a variety of schools, numerous activities and attractions for children, and high-quality residential areas.

How is the quality of life in Dubai compared to Germany?

The quality of life in Dubai is often considered to be higher, mainly due to the tax-free income, warm weather and high-quality infrastructure. However, life in Dubai can also be more expensive, especially when it comes to housing costs and school fees.

What leisure activities are there in Dubai?

Dubai offers a wide range of leisure activities including beaches, luxury shopping malls, world-class restaurants, theme parks, desert adventures and cultural events.

Can I easily explore other countries from Dubai?

Yes, Dubai is strategically located and serves as a hub for travel to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world and offers numerous direct flights to various destinations.

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