Der Weg zur erfolgreichen Firmengründung in Dubai: Ein Leitfaden zu Freezones, Visa und Steuern

The road to successful company formation in Dubai: A guide to free zones, visas and taxes

Dubai offers unique opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially through its free zones. These offer almost tax-free conditions and are ideal for online-based businesses. Setting up a company in a free zone can even be done online and takes about 7 days. An important aspect is visa sponsorship by your own company. It is advisable to set up the company from abroad and then enter Dubai with a business visa. Mainland companies are suitable for local businesses and services. It is important to protect yourself from fraudsters by contacting the relevant authorities directly. Since January, Dubai has been charging 9% tax on profits, with certain turnover and profit limits applying. This article provides a comprehensive overview of setting up a company in Dubai, including visa regulations and tax aspects.

All important information, here in the video.

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