5 Gründe, warum das Leben in Dubai mit der Familie glücklicher macht als in Deutschland

5 reasons why life in Dubai with the family is happier than in Germany

Living in Dubai offers numerous advantages that make it particularly attractive for families. From sunny weather to international education opportunities, there are many reasons why life in the vibrant metropolis on the Persian Gulf can make you happier than in Germany. In this article, we take a look at five key aspects that make Dubai an ideal place for family life.

Key findings

  • Dubai's sunny and warm climate promotes general well-being and allows for outdoor activities all year round.
  • Dubai offers luxurious living standards with high-quality housing and world-class services.
  • The city is known for its diverse leisure activities that are specifically tailored to families.
  • High security standards in Dubai ensure a safe environment for families.
  • International education opportunities enable children to receive a first-class education in a multicultural environment.

1. Sunshine and warm climate

1. Sunshine and warm climate

One of the main reasons why living in Dubai with family is happier than in Germany is the overwhelming sunshine and warm climate . Dubai enjoys bright sunshine almost all year round, which has a positive effect on mood and general well-being. In contrast, the weather in Germany can often be grey and rainy, which can have a negative impact on mood.

  • Average hours of sunshine per year: Dubai 3,500, Germany 1,600
  • Average temperature in summer: Dubai 41°C, Germany 24°C
Dubai offers a unique combination of sunshine and a warm climate that ensures good cheer all year round.

Being able to be outside and enjoy outdoor activities almost all year round contributes greatly to a happier and healthier lifestyle. The constant presence of sunlight also helps increase vitamin D levels, which is crucial for health.

2. Luxurious living standards

2. Luxurious living standards

Life in Dubai is characterized by an exceptionally high standard of living, which is reflected in many aspects. From the stunning cityscape dominated by futuristic skyscrapers to the luxurious residential areas and world-class shopping, Dubai offers a quality of life that is unmatched in many parts of the world.

Emigrating to Dubai means immersing yourself in a world where luxury and comfort come first.

For those considering starting a business in Dubai or looking for a job in Dubai , the city not only offers excellent business opportunities but also an environment that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Tax haven Dubai : One of the biggest advantages of living in the UAE is the lack of income tax, which makes Dubai an attractive location for business people and professionals.
  • Advantages of living in UAE : In addition to tax benefits, residents enjoy a high quality of life, security and access to first-class healthcare and educational facilities.
aspect Advantage in Dubai
Steer No income tax
Security High standards
Education International Schools
Health First-class facilities

Emigrating to the UAE therefore offers not only financial incentives, but also an improvement in the quality of life for the whole family.

3. Diverse leisure activities for families

3. Diverse leisure activities for families

Moving to Dubai with your family means not only immersing yourself in a new cultural environment, but also discovering a wealth of leisure activities that are specifically tailored to families. From water parks to cultural attractions, Dubai offers a wide range of opportunities to spend quality time together. Dubai is a paradise for families looking for adventure and relaxation.

Dubai offers a unique combination of modern architecture, traditional culture and family-friendly attractions.

Here are some of the most popular family activities in Dubai:

  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Mall
  • The Dubai Fountain

These activities are not only fun but also educational, making them a great way to explore the world with children.

4. High safety standards

4. High safety standards

Dubai is known for its high security standards , making it one of the safest places in the world. The city places great importance on the safety of its residents and visitors, as evidenced by a low crime rate and an efficient police presence. This makes Dubai particularly attractive for families looking for a safe environment for their children.

Dubai offers exceptional security.

Security in Dubai is ensured by various measures, including:

  • Strict laws and regulations
  • Efficient policing and surveillance
  • High standards of insurance in Dubai
  • Safe environment for company formation in Dubai

These factors contribute to Dubai being considered one of the safest places for families looking to start a new life.

5. International educational opportunities

5. International educational opportunities

Dubai offers an impressive variety of international education opportunities, enabling families to secure a world-class education for their children. From prestigious international schools to specialized language courses, the city is a melting pot of cultures and educational systems from around the world.

Dubai is not only an ideal place for school for children in Dubai, but also offers unique opportunities for adults to pursue further education. For example, parents who are interested in professional development can set up a free zone in Dubai to realize their business ideas in an international environment.

Dubai offers a wide range of educational opportunities that enable families to secure a world-class education for their children.
  • Top 5 British Curriculum Schools in Dubai for 2024

  • Language courses and cultural immersion programs are abundant in Dubai, thanks to institutions like EF International Language Campuses, which attract participants from over 100 countries.

  • For those seeking an international career, Dubai offers numerous opportunities for professional development and setting up businesses in the free zones.


In summary, living in Dubai with your family can be happier than living in Germany for a variety of reasons. The combination of sunny weather, a variety of activities for children, the opportunity to set up a company in the free zones and a generally high quality of life creates an environment that offers families a high level of satisfaction and happiness. While Germany has its own advantages, such as parental leave and child benefit, the trend shows that more and more people are learning to appreciate the unique opportunities and lifestyle in Dubai. Ultimately, the decision of where to live with your family comes down to personal priorities and values, but for those looking for a change, Dubai could be a compelling option.

frequently asked Questions

Why is life with family happier in Dubai than in Germany?

Dubai offers a sunny climate, luxurious living standards, diverse leisure activities, high safety standards and international education opportunities. These factors contribute to a higher level of happiness among families.

What advantages does Dubai offer for families compared to Germany?

In addition to better weather and higher safety standards, Dubai offers more luxurious living conditions and a wide range of leisure activities for children. There are also excellent international schools.

Is it easy to start a company in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai actively encourages company formation, especially in the free zones, making it attractive for expats to start a business.

What is the level of education in Dubai?

Dubai offers high-quality international education opportunities with schools and universities offering globally recognized degrees.

Is Dubai safe for families?

Yes, Dubai is known for its high security standards, making it one of the safest places in the world for families.

What is the climate like in Dubai?

Dubai has a warm, sunny climate all year round, making it ideal for outdoor activities and alfresco living.

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